Alice lockdown drill

One police department is also reportedly being sued due to those injuries. An elementary principal reported receiving a broken shoulder during this type of school active shooter training. Indeed, some question their function entirely, given that the odds of an American child being the victim of a school shooting, according to the National Association of School Psychologists, are still only 1 in 2.

The real questions, though, are: He pointed out that the people shot and killed in the Columbine library sat there for five minutes before the shooters entered and shot 18 of them.

In March, David Ropeik, Alice lockdown drill risk perception and risk communications consultant, noted that Alice lockdown drill odds of a student being killed by a school shooter on any day since are one in , and that school shootings have in fact become less frequent overall since the s.

But some experts are critical of ALICE, arguing the protocols are potentially dangerous and not supported by evidence. Has Alice lockdown drill proposed training been thoroughly reviewed and endorsed by experts in child developmental issues, child psychology, child learning theory and related areas?

Tackle that potentially armed guy. And since Massachusetts issued a task force report in July calling for renewed school security measures and drills, districts here, like Methuen, are in a scramble to keep up. The system, which was installed for free as part of a pilot program, is designed to alert first responders to the precise location of a gunman.

The key is to have comprehensive school security and preparedness plans, not simply knee-jerk, feel good reactions such as the ones we have heard like arming teachers and having kids carry bulletproof backpacks.

Would we want everyone to start throwing items and attacking an armed person, with questionable probability of success, only to trigger more anger and shootings by these typically mentally unstable persons who may not have otherwise plan on shooting everyone? Is somebody going to come here?

A January,article in Security Management Magazine reported evaluations by one national school security firm finding that participants with options-based active shooter training having lower scores than those who had not completed any training.

Does your school district have a formal legal Memorandum of Understanding MOU with their local law enforcement agency teaching the program which delienates the responsibilities and liabilities assumed by both of the organizations?

Questions and Concerns About Schools Teaching Children to Attack Armed Gunmen A number of implementation questions and concerns exist about school districts taking on the task of providing training to their students to throw items and physically attack armed gunmen.

What liability insurance do they carry to protect themselves and indemnify school districts if and when lawsuits are filed in connection with such training?

Have parents been given an opt-out option in writing?

School Safety Experts Disagree on Lock Down Procedures After Newtown Shooting

Get a written opinion from your school board attorney and school insurance carrier For those districts who still choose to adopt options-based training like Run-Hide-Fight, ALICE, or other models, our additional advice is simple: Sign up for more newsletters here With these precautions has come a new vocabulary.

It is unrealistic to expect 25 students and a teacher to react simultaneously, with split-second accuracy and timing, when a person with a gun unexpectedly walks into a room. Military units work for weeks, months and years to develop such skills.

Get a written legal opinion from your school board attorney and from your insurance carrier that they approve of your district using these models that encourage self-evacuations and teaching staff and students to throw things and attack the gunmen. According to a December 10,FoxNews.

You may need this record of approval to back you down the road. Did every teacher know to lock the door and also barricade it? School shooting threats have included students such as the individual above who could have, but did not, harm anyone due to the intervention of adults.

Supporting and Better Preparing School Staff and First Responders is Most Reasonable, Viable Approach We should not expect schools to train students to bring a calculator, ipod or backpack to a gunfight.

School districts nationwide have enlisted a battalion of training programs and technologies, from standardized training procedures like the ALICE protocol alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate to disturbing novelties like a child-sized bulletproof backpack.

If students automatically start hurling textbooks and ipods at the student when he first walked into the room with the gun drawn, many could have been shot. When parents send their children to school, it is the adults at the school who are acting in the place of the parent in loco parentis.

Plenty of people see this as "the price of freedom. In response to the Connecticut shooting, police in New York City, Los Angeles, Oakland, and several Maryland school districts stepped up visible school security. Schools are very safe places.

Typical are the procedures, obtained by ABCNews. And that is our priority.ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuation. District leaders hope it will empower these adults to make tough decisions, if they are forced to.

School lockdown drills are an unfortunate necessity today, and many schools are preparing for emergencies and protecting kids against violent dangers. ALICE stands for "alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate." The focus of Tuesday's drill was barricading to deter an intruder, including the possibility of an active shooter.

High School - Intruder Drill Teacher Script DIRECTIONS: Below is a script to assist you in teaching your students about the A.L.I.C.E concepts and drills. There are no scenarios.

Carry out this training in the age. When he teaches ALICE courses at schools, teachers often tell him standard lockdown drills involve turning out the lights and sitting quietly.

‘Lockdown’ vs. ‘silent safety drill’: The school security language debate

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training instructor led classes provide preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event.

Whether it is an attack by an individual person or by an international group of professionals intent.

Alice lockdown drill
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