An examination of the minority language in spain the catalan

Languages of Spain

An example of such settlements would be La Draga, an "early Neolithic village which dates from the end of the 6th millennium BC. Catalan at a glance Linguistic affliation: Proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic on 14 April in Barcelona The Anarchists had been active throughout the early 20th century, founding the CNT trade union and achieving one of the first eight-hour workday in Europe in However, this promising future was checked by the Civil War and its consequences.

And it is not truth that older people speak it better than young ones. But, in general terms, Catalan is not minority language, because there is a nation who speaks it, even though Catalonia is not an independant country.

Since the early s, the imposition of a system known as "immersion," with Catalan as the only vehicular language in state schools, has guaranteed everyone educated in the past 30 years has a command of it. In it was occupied by the French troops, the resistance against the occupation eventually developed into the Peninsular War.

'Abandonment' of minority language by Spain denounced at EU

On 11 September every year they commemorate the siege of Barcelona by the Bourbon monarchy, which led to the loss of Catalan self-rule. And you should be very, very careful with those statistics that suggest growth in a minority language. The language is increasingly spoken by families in Aragon since it is no longer suppressed.

On the contrary, it is very much alive and it is developing. From the conquest of Roussillon into the conquest of Barcelona inthe Frankish empire took control of the area between Septimania and the Llobregat river from the Muslims and created heavily militarised, self-governing counties.

During the last steps of the Dictatorship, Barcelona celebrated the International Expositionwhile Spain started to suffer an economical crisis. The Statute of Autonomy granted to Aragon makes no mention of Catalan. Portuguese proper is still spoken by local people in three border areas: Use of Catalan in the mass media had been forbidden, but was permitted from the early s [27] in the theatre.

Catalan (català)

The Principality of Catalonia Ferdinand II of Aragonthe grandson of Ferdinand I, and Queen Isabella I of Castile were married inlater taking the title the Catholic Monarchs ; subsequently, this event was seen by historiographers as the dawn of a unified Spain. The Balearic Inter-Island General Council was set up inbut in the islands were recognized as an autonomous community with Catalan and Castilian as the official languages.

Children are intended to be proficient in both languages by the end of primary education. Roussillon was lost to France by the Peace of the Pyrenees The town of La Alamedillain Salamanca province. And if this is not a sign that one language is live, I really do not know what it is In the Balearic Islands half of nursery schools provide Catalan as a language, but only a small minority use it as a teaching medium.

For example, in France, arround the border, if there are any Catalans there living. Most of these immigrants, or their children at least, have come to understand and or speak Catalan since democracy was restored in Init came under Muslim control and became part of Al-Andalusa province of the Umayyad Caliphate.

The most significant conflict concerning the governing monarchy was the War of the Spanish Successionwhich began when the childless Charles II of Spainthe last Spanish Habsburg, died without an heir in During the war, there were two rival powers in Catalonia: In that way, an mmigrant who tries to learn it, never learn it completely The king of France formally relinquished his nominal feudal lordship over all the Catalan counties, except the County of Foixdespite the opposition of the king of Aragon and count of Barcelona.

To this day it remains one of the most industrialised areas of Spain. In any case, the respective written standards are noticeably different one from another, partly because of the divergent phonological features and partly due to the usage of Spanish orthographic conventions over the Portuguese ones at the time of Galician standardisation by the early 20th century.

Catalan: a language that has survived against the odds

In the period of —, new territories, the Kingdom of Valenciathe Kingdom of MajorcaSardiniathe Kingdom of SicilyCorsicaand briefly the Duchies of Athens and Neopatraswere incorporated into the dynastic domains of the House of Aragon.

There is a separate TV broadcaster in the Balearic Islands.

can Catalan legitimately be termed a minority language?

Historical Context The oldest text written entirely in Catalan dates from around People from the Spanish Alacant province settled around Oranwhereas Algiers received immigration from Northern Catalonia and Menorca. It is rather another language spoken in Spain, just as Galician or Baskian.

Conversion to Christianityattested in the 3rd century, was completed in urban areas in the 4th century. InBarcelona hosted the Summer Olympic Games. So, in my example, Serbian in hungary should be minority language, as it is Hungarian in Serbia.

Napoleon took direct control of Catalonia to establish order, creating the Government of Catalonia under the rule of Marshall Augereauand making Catalan briefly an official language again.Catalonia is, however, the only place in the world where Occitan is an official language – along with Catalan and Spanish.

In Italy and France, the language only holds the status of a recognized minority language. Nov 20,  · But if Catalan is, as you say, co-official language in Spain, with the same rights as Castilian, so, it cannot be at the same time also "minority language"???

However, the official status of a language may help to secure the future of a language (East Timor) and the official “prosecution” of a language may put it difficult for this language to survive (Russian in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

The language of the region, Catalan, is closer to Provençal than to Castilian Spanish, which itself is mutually intelligible with Catalan, and its variants are spoken throughout the north-east, on the Balearic Islands (Mallorquí, Menorquí and Eivissenc, as Catalan is known by its speakers in this territory), in parts of Aragon, and in Andorra, France and Sardinia.

the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages of the Council of Europe signed by Spain in and ratified in The Charter clearly establishes that the administrative. After the death of the Spanish dictator, General Franco, in Novemberthe Catalan language has enjoyed a revival. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Spain's.

Concerning the implementation of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, the Spanish state has opted for the highest level of protection of Catalan. According to Article 8 b I of the Charter, primary education is made available in the relevant regional or minority language.

Catalan language

Catalan is the medium of instruction in primary education.

An examination of the minority language in spain the catalan
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