Analysis of indias mutual fund industry

As at the end of Januarythere were 33 mutual funds with total assets of Rs. While fund holdings may appreciate in value, the primary objective of these funds is to provide a steady cash flow to investors.

The Indian mutual funds industry is witnessing a rapid growth as a result of infrastructural development, increase in personal financial assets, and rise in foreign participation. Equity Funds Funds that invest in stocks represent the largest category of mutual funds. Equity-oriented hybrid schemes are the best investment vehicle for investors looking to create long-term wealth without much volatility.

These investors have found a good shelter with the mutual funds. This is a safe place to park your money. He may invest in Stock of companies where the risk is high and the returns are also proportionately high.

ABSTRACT In a growing country like India, capital market plays an important role to stabilize the Economic growth, strengthen industrial performance, and provide various investment avenues to the investors to help the various industries and to ensure the profitable return.

A regular investor looking to invest in the stock market need not look beyond mutlicap mutual funds or diversified equity schemes. At the fundamental level,there are three varieties of mutual funds: At the end of UTI had Rs.

When you invest in a mutual fund, you are buying units or portions of the mutual fund and thus on investing becomes a shareholder or unit holder of the fund. It has generally been observed that as the GDP.

Generally, the investment objective of this class of funds is long-term capital growth with some income. As at the end of financial year 31st march 32 Funds were functioning with Rs. The Unit Trust of India with Rs.

Top 10 mutual funds to invest

The total asset under management of Mutual Fund industry rose by 9. Money Market Funds The money market consists of short-term debt instruments, mostly Treasury bills.

Well, they can bet on midcap schemes that invest mostly in medium sized companies. Currently there are 34 Mutual Fund organizations in India managing 1,02, crores.

The number of mutual fund houses went on increasing, with many foreign mutual funds setting up funds in India and also the industry has witnessed several mergers and acquisitions. The portfolio manager is therefore given freedom to switch the ratio of asset classes as the economy moves through the business cycle.

The total assets under management had grown to 61, crores at the end of and the number of schemes was The first phase was between and and the only player was the Unit Trust of India, which had a total asset of Rs. People began opting for portfolio managers with expertise in stock markets who would invest on their behalf.

Looking for an equity mutual fund SIP portfolios to start investing to create wealth over a long period? A similar type of fund is known as an asset allocation fund.Chapter: 1 OVERVIEW OF MUTUAL FUND INDUSTRY IN INDIA Contents Introduction What is Mutual Fund?

for the analysis for this study is to scrutinize the performance of five star rated mutual funds, US the mutual fund industry registered s ten – fold growth the eighties. Sincemutual. The present paper is divided into two parts; the first part studies the evolution of mutual funds in India and second part analyses the growth trend of the mutual funds industry in India.

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Value at Risk Analysis; Investment manager Analysis. Mutual fund industry has seen a lot of changes in past few years with multinational companies coming into the country, bringing in their professional expertise in managing funds worldwide.

In the past few months there has been a consolidation phase going on in the mutual fund industry in India. Journal of Banking and Financial Dynamics Vol.

1, No. 1DOI: /journal 54 Risk and Return Analysis of Mutual Fund Industry in India. Abstract: The last decade has seen a tremendous growth in the mutual fund industry. As per the latest data the relationship of the mutual fund. The analysis finds that, the private sector mutual funds, have outperformed the Analysis of Equity Based Mutual Funds in India.

Analysis of indias mutual fund industry
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