Ap biology dissolved oxygen essay

She thinks that the new spring water jugs have UV protectant in the plastic. We used pH probes to follow the carbonic acid CO2 levels over time 90 hours in four miniature aquatic ecosystems.

My very green aquarium water never works Those under-counter fluorescents or the setup used for Fast Plants should do it.

I even remember to actually do it once or twice a year: Copy the nomograph from the previous edition for your kids to use; OR Give them a chart of temperature and percent solubility of DO, and let them calculate their own percent solubilities; OR Do both which is what I will do.

Their kits are widely used by professionals and many schools. Mortimer, published in Limnology by Robert G. They are very accommodating and usually get your order out the same day they receive the PO.

The kits worked fine for the light-limited bottles I had nice green water! Luck—this IS biology, and living organisms are living organisms, no matter how small.

This way I reinforce the inverse relationship between temperature and gas solubility. We realized we needed to use the Hach kits for those bottles. Monitor temperature degrees Celsius optimum. I highly recommend doing it this way, for its convenience, speed, and lack of mess.

Instead of an inverse relationship, the graph will probably show a straight horizontal line. I cover the tops with Saran Wrap or parafilm. By the day of the lab, a green mass of algae inches deep should be present in the bottom of the container.

The AlgaGro Concentrate needs to be diluted. I think there is too much eutrophication in it and bacteria are slurping up all that O2. Works like a charm. This gets them sterile enough to keep other microbes from overtaking the cultures.

I have found that one-time expense to be well worth it. If that fails, you can use any aquatic plant Elodea or filamentous algae. Keep the culture under continuous moderate light fluorescent is ideal for 72 hours or more at 25 degrees Celsius. Any small or medium-size pond with fish, maybe some ducks, green stuff growing on the bottom, etc.

I then talk about the percent saturation with my kids and go over some environmental factors that could change the percent saturation values like cooling of water without wave action loweror a lot of algae near the surface actively photosynthesizing could raise the percent saturation over percent.

I have reordered the medium once and am about to do it again. Please monitor the water temperature and assure good water is being used. All you do is snap off the skinny end of the ampoule right in the sample; the culture is drawn up into it and turns a lovely shade of blue depending on the DO.

The nomograph in edition C green cover is the one you want to use. Use a clear container if possible. About three days before lab, dilute the culture in 4 liters or 1 gallon of spring water and add the Algae Grow media. The data in this lab have seemed pretty erratic to me over the years that I have done it, but the new manual is certainly an improvement over the old procedure.

Requests for permission to reproduce from Wetzel should be directed to: The mistake is the jug. Reid and Richard D. Do not use distilled water; dechlorinated tap water will work. This eliminates an unneeded variable and lends itself to a clearer understanding of the dynamics involved. AP Biology Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Primary Productivity Purpose: To measure and analyze the primary productivity of natural waters of laboratory cultures using screens to simulate the decrease of light with increasing depth.

Background: Dissolved oxygen (DO) is how oxygen is measured. AP Biology Spring Essay Review 5. Life on land presents particular problems for plants and different groups of plants have developed life cycle adaptations to manage some of these problems. a. Describe reproductive, structural, and chemical adaptations that enabled.

AP Biology Lab Dissolved Oxygen ESSAY B In most aquatic environments, primary production is affected by light available to the community of organisms%(1). Judith S. Nuño 5 / AP Biology Fall Review Essays A biologist measured dissolved oxygen in the top 30 cm of a moderately eutrophic.

Answers must be in essay form. Outline form is not acceptable. Labeled diagrams may be used to supplement Measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO) are used to determine primary productivity in bodies of water.

• Explain the relationship of dissolved oxygen to primary productivity. AP Keywords: ap08_biology_form_b_frq. AP® BIOLOGY SCORING GUIDELINES (Form B) Question 1 1.

Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen and Primary Productivity

Measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO) are used to determine primary productivity in bodies of water.

Ap biology dissolved oxygen essay
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