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Mahathir, the Malaysian dictator who became a giant killer The figure is comparable to the 11 per cent who pay tax in neighbouring Indonesia, but far below the tax base of Singapore, another neighbour, where some 50 Barisan nasionals cent of wage earners are taxed on their salaries.

Anwar is due for release soon from a jail term he is serving for committing sodomy — a charge he says were trumped up by Najib. They will turn a blind eye to the excesses for their own interests. The next biggest party is the Chinese-centric Democratic Action Party, which governs the state Barisan nasionals Penang and has 42 seats.

While Najib was criticised for his scandal-haunted nine years in power, the former leader was praised for certain fiscal reforms — including the removal of fuel subsidies, and the implementation of the GST.

Mahathir Mohamad, after voting in the election that took him back to power in a shock victory over Najib Razak. Wong Chin Huat, a political scientist with the Penang Institute think tank, in a commentary wondered if the same problems that plagued the Barisan Nasional — which had been in power since independence from Britain in — would one day plague Pakatan Harapan.

With the country now in uncharted waters without a Barisan Nasional government leading it, questions are also mounting on how the new government will grapple with a host of other prickly issues.

A revolution in Malaysia? Mahathir says he will abolish the GST within days and reinstate the sales and services tax SST that was in place previously.

PKR holds 48 of the seats Pakatan Harapan controls in the seat legislature. After the directive was issued, he posted on social media to say he would remain in the country.

These range from an abolition of Barisan nasionals controversial goods and services tax to increasing the minimum wage and reintroducing fuel subsidies. Abroad, Mahathir will have to come to terms with a changed world order, vastly different than when he left office as prime minister 15 years ago.

Pakatan Harapan, which means Pact of Hope, is in its early days. China is a now superpower with significant investments in his country — investments that he attacked while on the campaign trail. Yet, at home or abroad, the biggest challenge must surely come from being able to hold together a patchwork coalition of former foes with different political leanings, from Islamists to multiracialists and pro-Malay tendencies.

In some cases, the premier said Najib had signed up to pacts that would leave the country heavily over-leveraged on Chinese debt. He served a similar jail term after he was sacked by Mahathir. In comments on Friday, Mahathir offered a glimpse of the foreign policy he is likely to pursue in his second stint in power.

How Pakatan Harapan dispenses its various economic sweeteners will be scrutinised by observers, along with their impact on state coffers. At home, alongside managing a populist economic agenda, the most immediate and pressing question is the fate of Najib and how the new government will handle him.

The leader has said he will review infrastructure projects signed by the Najib administration, including high-profile, multibillion dollar deals involving Chinese backing. And since we use the first-past-the-post system, is Harapan any different? About 15 per cent of Malaysian wage earners pay income tax.Breaking Barisan Nasional’s year grip on Malaysia was the easy part.

Here’s Mahathir’s real challenge. A new prime minister’s to-do list: nail ally-turned-foe predecessor (the one you.

Barisan nasionals
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