Bbc news school report worksheet write as you speak software

To avoid this, students should attribute information accurately: The worksheet is designed for scripting video or audio news, but can also be used for text-based news - and helps avoid the temptation to copy and paste.

Lesson 3: Writing News

Writing for TV, Radio and Online Give your students the same piece of text as in the Writing Concisely section, the mobile phone study, or a story of your choice and ask students to choose between writing a piece for TV, one for radio and one for online. Students with four marks are named "super" script writers.

They should read the script, chose a story, turn the print-out face down and tell their partner the story in their own words. It would also be inappropriate to reveal too much information about the manufacture of drugs, in case anyone decided to copy the process.

Write as you speak Students transfer their words - as they spoke them - onto Worksheet 3. Script template Remind students not to write in the large left hand margin.

Copying what someone who WAS in court has written is a safer option than writing about the court case in your own words, but what if the journalist you are copying has got it wrong.

Lesson 3: Writing a news story

Checking a script Ask students: Lots of different people watch BBC News, from children to grandparents and often they will be interested in slightly different things. Look at his official Twitter feed to see if he has commented 4 - Video: Students take this quiz: For example, the law says you cannot name the patient.

Online reporting alternative Students who have decided to produce online reports on School Report News Day may like to use this guide in conjunction with Worksheet 3. Limit students to a script of seconds or less as it will help students remain concise. Online - Get most of the crucial information in the top four paragraphs.

Would you feel comfortable reporting it? However the new supplier could take you to court for suggesting that their food is out-of-date or poisonous without proof and, if you lost the case, it could cost you a large sum of money.

How to write a news report

What pictures would they use to illustrate the report? Perhaps this is a role they would like to adopt on a practice News Day or the national News Day. The rest of the class give them a mark out of three for being clear, concise and correct one mark for each. Finding News masterclass Media playback is unsupported on your device School Report Finding News masterclass Daniel from the BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast show explains how he finds news stories for the programme and the importance of checking that what he discovers is true.

In order to format their news reports into five-sentences, as advocated in this guide, students should leave a row between each sentence on the worksheet.

Ideally you should interview someone with an opinion, someone with an opposing view and an expert on the matter.

You might choose not to include anything about drugs or similar subjects - or you could decide to report the issue in an appropriate and safe way. We want you to take on the role of School Report editor decide which of these stories will be interesting for your audience - students aged - and why.

They will need to use this in Lesson 4 and should keep it somewhere safe until then. Why do you think there is a School Report rule that if you are taking part in the project, you must only use the first names of anyone under 18?

This makes the story: If you take your own photographs, YOU own them and you can give yourself permission to use them. If you are reporting a court story you should be in the courtroom yourself - and even then you have to be extremely careful.

TV - Students will need to think about the pictures - what shots would illustrate their reports? They belong to the photographer or the person who made them. Clear - write how you would say it and get straight to the point at the beginning Concise - keep your sentences short Correct - get your facts right Students practice reading their scripts out loud, at three words a second.

These are known as the three Cs of journalism. These are all the bits you have - put them in order of where they will go in your report.BBC Listening Worksheets / BBC 6 minute English.

Comprehension questions based around the key points of BBC 6 minute listenings. Includes critical thinking. Jan 13,  · BBC News School Report Navigation selected; Lesson 1: Finding news.

13 January and highlight the headlines you think are real news stories. Then write at least one source you would. BBC NEWS | School Report | Script­writing tips and real examples off a planned air strike.

The American technical stock exchange, Nasdaq, has launched a.

Lesson 3: Writing news

Students write a news script which is clear, concise and correct - the three Cs of journalism. Huw's top tip: Writing news. Video with subtitles Students watch this Huw Edwards video, then recollect his top tips using this worksheet.

Ask students: Why do you think there is a School Report rule that if you are taking part in the project. Jul 23,  · Image copyright BBC SCHOOL REPORT LESSON 3: WRITING NEWS.

This lesson explains how to write news reports for TV, Radio and Online. You can recap the key points from the video with this. BBC News School Report.

Intorduction lesson to BBC News School Report.

Bbc news school report worksheet write as you speak software
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