Blasphemy law in pakistan essay

Blasphemy law in Pakistan

The frequency and blatancy with which these laws are abused are justification enough for their repeal. But the question arises have these unislamic practices decreased after the implementation of these new laws?

The real time when these laws would be considered is when a famous personality and specially those who are against the revision of these laws are accused under this law and then the wording of these laws would be brought under the attention of the parliament.

Details of the survey, such as its sampling methodology, are unknown. He also faced several assassination attempts. We are poor and helpless women. Which is not to say that their version of Islam is correct. Gen Zia of course went a step further when inas a sop to his allies, he issued an ordinance which made it a criminal offence for Ahmedis to call themselves Muslims or to call their places of worship mosques.

For example, according to a very popular hadith, a non-Muslim woman used to throw garbage at the Prophet Muhammad whenever he passed by her house. How should it be investigated whether someone has really broken these blasphemy laws?

Across the land they have only sown mischief and upped the bribery rates of the police. The recent incidents in Gojra, Korian, Kasur and Gujranwala from June to August are a sad reminder of what has been going on under the excuse of blasphemy for nearly 25 years.

The study and recommendations made by Sustainable Development Policy Institute — Islamabad in this regard be taken into consideration. The greatest blasphemy of all is a child going hungry, a child condemned to the slow death of starvation.

Investigations into the recent incident should be completed quickly and those guilty must be brought to justice. The blasphemy laws of Pakistan consist of six sections but the main concern are the two sections, B and C, because these are the laws with the strictest punishments of death and life imprisonment.

As Pakistan is made In the name of Islam so we should respect and follow the laws of Islam but in the proper way.

These laws should be revised in the way so that the concept for justice is made clear. The right thing must be done not for the sake of the Ahmedi community but for our own sake. Such laws diminish those who make them.

Once allegations surface these laws become a tool for multiple human rights violations. Moreover High Courts are always under a higher degree of scrutiny. When we made separate electorates and put minorities on separate voting lists, did that make us purer Muslims?

Last week, thousands of people, instigated by religious parties and imams, took to the streets to demand that Noreen be executed. It is high time these bad laws were also scrapped.

Blasphemy in Pakistan Essay Sample

Sometimes criminals are not punished even he would have broke the law and sometimes innocents are punished who do not even know about blasphemy. SincePakistan authorities have charged people under offenses of blasphemy law.

When this happens, the collective image of Pakistan takes another blow on the chin. Culture Minister Ghulam Jamal said: It is the state which must be careful not to legislate in matters of faith or assume the role of the maulvi for only mischief can result from such a course.

The story was that Asia worked at a farm hand with other muslim women.Before the introduction of this law, no case of blasphemy ever surfaced in Pakistan and no non-Muslim was ever blamed as a blasphemer. But, after the introduction of blasphemy law inhundreds of non-Muslims, mostly Christians, have.

Oct 02,  · a) Blasphemy laws in Pakistan are in conflict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular with article 7 (equality before the law and protection against discrimination, article 19 (freedom of opinion and expression) and article 18 (freedom of thought, conscience, and religion).

In his essay, Dr Muqtedar Khan comments on Pakistan's blasphemy law and those who advocate and invoke them, arguing that such laws have no place in Islam and are often abused by Muslims seeking to exact revenge on religious minorities and fellow Muslims.

Chapter 9 Question 2 Trace the origin of the law of blasphemy and explain the relevance or otherwise of this law Introduction Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing open disrespect of God through display of inappropriate behavior towards holy personages, religious artifacts, customs and beliefs.

Blasphemy laws and human rights of religious minorities in Pakistan

The connection between intolerance and blasphemy laws is closest when the laws apply to only one religion. In Pakistan blasphemy directed against either the tenets of the Qur'an or the Prophet Mohammed is punishable by either life imprisonment or death.

The blasphemy laws under the Pakistan penal code were introduced around Zia ul Haq, a military dictator, to protect the rights of the Muslim majority of Pakistan. Since then, these laws have been used to terrorize the minorities of Pakistan, particularly Christians.

Blasphemy law in pakistan essay
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