Case studies in healthcare marketing

They wanted to be sure that whatever money was invested in marketing and advertising had a clear return on investment by driving additional MRI scans. Of course, this list is far from a complete collection of all the great healthcare digital marketing happening on blogs and social media.

The marketing campaign below teaches the video viewer a surgical procedure from the point of view of a patient. This study outlines the initiatives implemented to improve downstream conversion rates.

Guerrilla Patient Recruitment Clinical trial Sponsors are often caught between a highly decentralized patient recruitment strategy and increasing costs of third-party centralized patient recruitment support. Infographics Speaking of infographics, visual content is widely popular Case studies in healthcare marketing digital marketing audiences, as exemplified by these wellness, parenting, nutrition, and mental health infographics by Banner Health.

Surgical Training in Degrees Medical Realities is a medical training service that uses virtual reality VR to teach complex healthcare topics to an audience of healthcare professionals. Mid-West Dental Practice A leading mid-west dental practice with over 10 locations had been using a local digital marketing agency, with limited healthcare experience, to manage their digital advertising programs.

We Dare You The multi-award winning " We Dare You " campaign from UnitedHealthcare stands out as the gold standard for what can happen when healthcare organizations engage with their following.

Sharing Mayo Clinic Blog The Mayo Clinic sees patients from literally all around the world and the goal of the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog is to unite these diverse patients into a global online community. Plus, infographics are highly shareable across all social media channels, making them a great attention-grabber to attract new patients.

With so many ways to connect with patients and prospective patients online, healthcare organizations are finding more and more ways to market brilliantly every single day. MD Connect worked cooperatively with various hospital constituents marketing, IT, clinical, administration to produce immediate results with positive ROI and has since expanded into multiple clinical specialties.

Data was assimilated to construct a picture of which media were utilized most by physician practices, what relative return each exhibited as measured by cost-per-referral and how these investments correlated with practice revenue.

Unhappy with the results the local agency was producing, the dental practice chose to trial MD Connect as their digital agency after an exhaustive search for a new digital partner. Originally published Aug 1, 6: Try it out below: It also drove traffic to the Carilion Clinic website to encourage women to make an appointment at one of its screening locations.

The Mayo Clinic Campaign: Local Microsites Medical device marketers pursuing digital direct-to-patient DTP or patient advertising must determine both where to send the digital traffic they generate, as well as their desired program outcome e. Our medical marketing expertise.

Client data includes tracking out to revenue dollars for each media investment and thus clear ROI per media investment.This case study profiles a large physician practice that is aggressively marketing (spending >$40, per month).

Detailed data is presented for 17 different marketing expenditures (via TV, radio, print, online and billboard) over an 8 month period in Learn from Healthcare Success Strategies on how to improve the Marketing for your practice, clinic or hospital.

Several Case Studies for companies in the Healthcare Marketing space. Learn from Healthcare Success Strategies on how to improve the Marketing for your practice, clinic or hospital. Jenise talks with Healthcare Success.

Explore how Geonetric's expert web design, SEO, and digital marketing efforts have made an impact on our healthcare clients. The Challenge. Our client, a nonprofit health plan who handles individual policies, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans, advertised their services through a variety of media channels, but relied on direct mail as their.

Uncover what makes a healthcare practice website stand out to search engines and prospective patients.

The importance of online reputation for providers Learn the role online reputation plays in attracting new patients. A Full-Service Healthcare Marketing Agency: Selected Case Studies. Our team of healthcare marketing specialists includes account managers, web designers, developers, artists, copywriters, staff trainers, SEO specialists, paid search strategists, digital marketing specialists, and more.

Case studies in healthcare marketing
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