Chapter 11 review questions1 what is

In addition, the auditor uses the property management system to prepare a daily summary of cash, check, credit card, debit card, gift certificate, and other activities that occurred at the front desk.

For hotels with hour room service, restaurants, or. Since guests can check out at any time, the daily transcript must be processed with care.

Very large hotels may require extensive staffs to audit food, beverage, and other revenue- producing departments. In some small hotels, the front office auditor may perform several parts of a complete audit in addition to the front office audit, since there are fewer revenue outlets in a small hotel and the outlets are less complex: Sign up to view the full 2 pages of the document.

This documentation may consist of charge vouchers and other support documents and The front office auditor helps ensure that the front office receives payment for goods and services rendered. A daily transcript is a detailed report of guest accounts that summarizes and updates those guest accounts that had transactional activity on that particular day: The main purpose of the front office audit is to verify the accuracy and completeness of guest and non-guest accounts against revenue center transaction reports: A front office accounting system depends on system interfaces and transactional documentation to establish accurate records and maintain effective operational controls.

The front office must establish an end of day so that the audit can be considered complete through a specific, consistent point in time.

Professor All This preview shows half of the first page. Transactional documentation either electronic or paper-based identifies the nature and amount of a transaction, and is the basis for data entry into a front office accounting system.

The front office audit is concerned with the following functions: The front office auditor summarizes and reports the results of operations to front office management. Usually, the closing time of hotel revenue outlets determines the end of day.

In some small hotels, the front office auditor may perform several parts of a complete audit in addition to the front office audit, since there are fewer revenue outlets in a small hotel and the outlets are less complex.

The front office auditor establishes guest and non-guest account integrity by cross-referencing account postings with departmental source documentation: Verifying posted entries to guest and non-guest accounts, Balancing all front office accounts, Resolving room status and rate discrepancies, Reviewing guest credit transactions against established limits and Generating operational and managerial reports: The front office auditor typically tracks room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other standard hotel operating statistics.Chapter 11 Review Questions is the role of knowledge management and knowledge management programs in business?

Define knowledge management and explain its value to businesses. Knowledge management is the set of processes developed in an organization to create, gather, store, maintain, transfer, apply, and. View Test Prep - Chapter 11 Notes and Review Questions(1) (1) from MBA at University of Houston, Downtown.

Chapter 11 (A) Notes The textbook has done an excellent job of explaining the material. ECO WEEK 6 CHAPTER 11 AND CHAPTER 12 PROBLEMS download here Chapter 11 2. Ajax Cleaning Products is a medium-sized firm operating in an industry dominated by one large firm Tile King.

Ajax produces a multi-headed tunnel wall scrubber that is similar to a model produced by Tile King. Chapter 11 Review Questions Tontianna S.

Hopper Complete All Questions 1. Match the person(s) on campus who could help in each situation.

Chapter 11 Review Questions

More than one response may be correct. A. You were absent from class and want to get the class notes.-Instructor, Classmate need help preparing for an upcoming test. 1 Kings S criptures and Review Questions for Chapters 1 - 11 © by Arlo E.

Moehlenpah please answer the related review questions by clicking on the chapter number above. 1 Kings. 1 Kings 11 But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites.

Chapter 11 Review P 1. DNA consists of subunits called nucleotides. Each subunit consists of three parts: sugar (deoxyribose), phosphate, and base.

2. The subunits of DNA are assembled by linking the sugar of one nucleotide to the phosphate of the next. As it is found in chromosomes, two DNA.

Chapter 11 review questions1 what is
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