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The next day the river overflowed its banks and the water spread out covering the entire area cm which houses stood. It snaps and crackles like bracken pods in a bush fire. What a shock awaited us when we reached home! Notify me of new posts via email. The rain is sissing and hissing off the roof, teeming onto the spongy earth.

Then the rainfall became more intense. All that we could do was to wait for the flood to be over.

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It is the ultimate descriptive guide for students and teachers. The burning heat, hot shinning sun and no clouds in the sky were the proof for no chances of rain. To make-matters worse, debris were caught Descriptive essay about rain the bridge thus impeding the flow of the river.

Petrichor, the smell of the first rains after a dry spell, rises like a miasma. After the Rain Story and Pictures -- National Geographic Your Shot May 10, After the rain, as people and animals gently step back out into the world, is an amazing time for quiet beauty.

It was in vain. It teems down in a biblical deluge, flooding the rivers, drowning the fields and overflowing the dams.

Moreover, I left home sick and longed to be at home in my comfortable bed. We heard a greedy thrush, snail a-tapping on rock; he finished his supper before fluttering into the owl-light of the forest. The poor man stood for a moment looking dazed at the rushing water.

It was an unbelievable sight to behold. Steam rose slowly from the grass. I am using your wonderful work for my writing competition. Will keep uploading posts like this. Jul 30, The rain was hard - pelting and chilly, lashing out against the ground as it sloshed through fields of grass, slipping nosily down the ugly black Descriptive paper of a rainstorm Essay Example for Free Descriptive paper of a rainstorm Essay.

This rainy day was most memorable for me and after the rain I was able to enjoy even more due to open, dairy, and cold weather while I was seeing the rainbow formed by the rays of the sunlight. All day through—we slogged, sweated and cursed.

It was mud, mud and more mud everywhere. It starts with big, sopping drops of moisture. The clouds are churlish and kraken-cruel. The beds were still damp but nobody complained.

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We could not totally remove the mud and grime so we did the best we could to make the house a cosy home again. The rain had not actually stopped but was still drizzling slightly, but we were all happy to be able to go home.

We were provided with food and a place to sleep. The roofs of the cars danced with spray and I could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window. I hope you ace it and that you enjoy the experience. The soil of Mother Earth is titanium hard and in need of nourishment.

After dinner we fell asleep on our beds. For much more of the above, please check out my book Writing with Stardust by clicking on the book images. Just cant describe this amazing way of writting of yours!!

Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun. Describe rain poetically How would i start a descriptive essay if i was describing rain That day I came from school, back to home and was much tired because of continuous full length papers.

I came back to home after relaxing few minutes, washed my face with addition to ablution and took a bath.Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun.

Rain is a very beautiful moment Beautiful Essay on “A Rainy Day”. Describe heavy rain. Describing The Rain | Best Descriptive Writing Sites Feb 16, It is the ultimate descriptive guide for students and teachers.

Beautiful Essay on “A Rainy Day”

An Essay on Heavy Rain. Article shared by. Understanding the Causes and Effects of Acid Rain on Environment ; Essay on Mobility of Heavy Metals in Different Soils ; Short Essay for Geography Students on India.

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