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David locates the German and his escort. He reads the inscription but it turns out to not be the pass code. Susan tells them that the pass code is engraved on a ring that belonged to Tankado, who was killed in Spain. Hale proclaims his innocence but Susan still does not believe him.

The other more surprising thing about the book is the ending. Strathmore confesses to Susan that he has not been entirely honest with her. However, I got surprised at how the author, Dan Brown, could manage to intertwine four different stories running concurrently and at the same time still remain within the context.

If anything should happen to Tankado, North Dakota is to publish the pass code, making it free to everyone. While it is possible to assume that some scientific innovations are too complicated to be overcome, Digital Fortress has just proved that no amount of encryption algorithms can resist breakage, given time and increased innovative technologies that emerges everyday.

Then she discovers that North Dakota is a fake alias. David goes to the airport and retrieves the ring from the girl. David is able to outwit the assassin, who stumbles down the stairs to his death. The Director of the NSA and his personal assistant bring Susan into the underground chamber where the main databank is located.

David escapes to the bell tower and the killer follows him, thinking he has him trapped. There is no third party and Digital Fortress is a ruse. The code is just but a simple digit numbers of 3. Her role is to find out exactly how to break this code. She realizes that the page is coming from an assassin that Strathmore has hired.

The public will use Digital Fortress thinking that their messages cannot be intercepted. Commander Trevor Strathmore believes that a former NSA employee has successfully created an unbreakable algorithm, which threatens the security of the nation and the future of the agency itself.

Everyone in the room is trying to figure out the kill-code that will stop the worm. David hears her voice and regains consciousness. Two agents in a van begin to brief the room on the events that have been taking place in Spain. They will not realize that the NSA will have complete and total access to all their communications.

Strathmore tells the technician that he and Susan are running a diagnostic on the computer and orders the technician to leave the premises. In fact, no one would expect the story the story to be all that science oriented, at least considering its romantic beginning.

How the author has managed to imaginatively reflect on how humans can be held hostage by narrow belief on one machine- that such kinds of reliance on one gadget can lead to disaster if a breakdown occurs.

David tells everyone in the room that he has the ring. Tankado was employed with the NSA on a work visa from Japan. This was somewhat surprising. He is in search for the creator of this code, so that he would get access to the password to the code.

Digital Fortress Summary & Study Guide

Susan thinks Hale is the killer and is afraid for her life. But honestly, from the setting of the book and the scientific knowledge involved in it, I would have expected a more complicated code than 3. Strathmore tells Susan that the previous month Tankado had called to warn him that he was perfecting an algorithm that could create unbreakable codes.

As Susan is heading down the ladder, she hears a gunshot. Strathmore did not believe him, so Tankado moved forward by placing a complimentary copy of the program on his website. While it is believed that cryptographic algorithms are always complex, the end of the book shows that what people normally assume to be complicated are always simple.

He takes Susan hostage in an attempt to get both of them away from Strathmore and safely out of the building. When Susan arrives, she finds that Commander Strathmore is the only one working on the Cryptography floor.

There so many twists and turns in the whole story, and the concept of digital fortress can be interpreted in Sarah, whose knowledge of algorithm is excellent.

She tells Strathmore that Hale is North Dakota and begs him to let her leave but Strathmore refuses to let her go. The woman tells David that she gave the ring to a young teenage girl in the park.

He was only given strict orders to leave nothing behind. He later finds her dead and discovers he has an assassin following him.Digital Fortress Summary & Study Guide Dan Brown This Study Guide consists of approximately 86 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Digital Fortress.

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Dan Brown – Digital fortress Susan Fletcher works for NSA, National Security Agency of USA. Also in this passage we learn more about the program Digital Fortress, the unbreakable algorithm. "Strathmore's vision had been bold - a world encryption standard with a back door for the NSA" Chapter 96 (page ) Essay on Digital Technology.

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The title of the book is ‘Digital Fortress’. Basically, this book Digital Fortress is about a lady by the name Sarah, who is part a National Security Agency.

Sarah’s fiancé is. He succeeded and the result of it was Digital Fortress, which switched the code from time to time. That made TRANSLTR work for 20 hours with no result.


Commander Strathmore, who was head of the crypto facility which contained TRANSLTR, was Susan’s boss.

Digital fortress summary essays
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