How to write a myth skit spanish class

Remind each group to give the characters interesting names and unique dialogue. Remember to use the usted form between the counselor and the couple.

This lesson works well in not only injecting fun into the classroom, but will get your students thinking in a different way, and often helps to open up the more reserved students too. The teacher will circulate the room as students are writing to give feedback on their writing progress.

Pronunciation Speaks clearly and distinctly all the time, and mispronounces few or no words. Writing Excellent Few or none errors, not interfering with meaning. Use chapter 10 vocabulary.

Need improvement Skit does not show sequence or structure.

iRubric: Spanish Skit using vocabulary learned in class rubric

Good Skit shows sequence and structure most of the time. Use chapter vocabulary correctly and confidently. Make your skit original, interesting and entertaining. Pretend that you are out shopping for a special item for a birthday, anniversary, etc. Try to include as many grammar points as you can from bullet two of "Skit Goals.

Pretend that a couple visits a marriage counselor. A Group Writing Activity on Comedy written by: Students will write and perform a skit in Spanish using the vocabulary learned in class.

Grammar usage, sentence structure and spelling. You should plan and prepare lines and include props. What lesson will the characters learn during this skit? Good Speaks clearly and distinctintly most of the time. Tell the students they may either choose a topic they create or use one from the list.Write Your Own Greek Myth Name: _____ LA: _____ 2 The Project Introduction: One of the many lasting gifts from Ancient Greece is mythology.

In class we will read and discuss several Greek myths. As we read, pay Write down notes from your observations and research. Write down key words. Give the groups at least 25 minutes to write the skits and then tell them to continue to brainstorm ideas for dialogue for homework.

They will have time the next day to finish writing the skit. Later in the week each group will perform their skit for the class.

Sep 19,  · Every story, no matter how short needs a beginning, middle, and end. When writing a skit try and map out these three different sections.

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Since skits are usually comedic in nature, your beginning can depict normal, everyday life. People at a coffee shop waiting in line to order coffee is normal%(73).

The skits will be back-to-back, and will be performed in class on Thursday, April If you are late or if you do not show up, it is an automatic zero. Only a note from the hospital will excuse your not being in class.

Spanish Skit Excellent 3 pts All your classmates are engaged in the skit, but are not able to understand some of the skit, because some of the vocabulary used was not learned in the classroom. Good 2 pts Some of your classmantes were partially engaged in the skit, because most of the vocabulary used was not learned in the classroom.

Jan 24,  · Write in simple, straightforward language. Myths tell a story directly, as though it were relating fact. Avoid long, wandering sentences and detailed descriptions.

Don't include your own, personal opinion, and present everything as fact. This tends to make the plot move pretty quickly%(68).

How to write a myth skit spanish class
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