Surgery and t j moreno patient

Still, the results -- complete removal of the tumor without the potentially dangerous complications of surgery -- more than justified the effort.

In fact, when our colorectal surgical team evaluated Mrs. Moreno it is not about performing surgeries, but about improving lives. So when a serious illness threatened inMoreno and her family looked for the best, most advanced treatment they could find.

Moreno is far more than the best scoliosis surgeon, he is a blessing to those who live with back pain and want their quality of life back. The surgery was a tremendous success and this young boy and I became scoliosis friends.

I wore the Milwaukee Brace for 9 months, which corrected some of my curvature but not enough to avoid surgery. The location was particularly worrisome: This too will soon become a memory. The mass was large, covering 75 percent of the rectal circumference and extending a full 10 cm from the outermost Surgery and t j moreno patient of the anal canal -- roughly half the length of the rectum itself.

Scoliosis Surgery My Blessing

This young boy had the most severe case of scoliosis I had ever seen, which caused him to live mostly in a wheel chair. I lived in Houston, TX near the medical center and was fortunate to have found a great specialist in this area. Irving Waxman, MD What doctors found were not ulcers but a low-lying mass in her rectum.

As a result of the blessing of this surgery, my quality of life was restored to that of any normal adolescent who went through teenage years, college, marriage and having a beautiful child.

I could not perform normal functions like grocery shopping without the assistance of the handicap scooters, which many stores now provide. This recommendation led me to a physician who is a specialist in scoliosis and on the impact, of the original herring rods from the s, have had on the aging process today.

He was brilliant in understanding my problem, dissecting exactly what was causing my pain, and knew the exact solutions required to resolve my life from pain.

Though initially the shots helped, they eventually lost their effectiveness and I lived a daily life of pain. I received an answer to my prayers when my neighbor, friend and chief officer of the Baycare Hospitals recommended Dr. As a result of this blessing and nearly four months of recovery, my quality of life is returning and the pain I once endured daily is now a memory.

There is no greater gift or blessing than this. Waxman is an excellent doctor, very attentive and very skilled. Moreno, they were concerned that any surgery, even one that was minimally invasive, might be too risky for the patient. Taking advantage of high-definition imaging that allowed him to see the entire affected area in detail, Waxman began a procedure known as wide-field endoscopic mucosal resection.

I was anxious to have the surgery and obtain my quality of life. Then, placing a thin wire loop, or snare, around the section, he tightened the loop and sent an electrical current through the wire to both snip off the abnormal tissue and seal the resulting wound.

He has returned back to Belize, where his physical therapists report great success.Dr. Niberto Moreno, MD is a cardiothoracic surgery specialist in Miami, FL and has been practicing for 31 years. He specializes in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, and more.

This provider is brought to you by and on medical staff at/5(4). Dr. Jose Moreno is a surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana and is affiliated with Community Hospital East. He is one of 31 doctors at Community Hospital East who specialize in Surgery. View CS7 HISTORY AND PHYSICAL EXAMINATION from MBOA BOTH at South Central Louisiana Technical College.

HISTORY AND PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Patient Name: T.J. Moreno Patient ID: DOB: Find Study Resources. Main Menu; Includes a lower back surgery and a left ankle surgery SOCIAL HISTORY: Patient. Even though it could be claimed that robotic surgery is a expensive to start-up and perform maintenance, is a longer surgery method that manual surgery, which reduces the sense of touch, in fact it contains better technique and faster healing in surgery, also, bleeding is reduced, scars are smaller and hospital stays are shorter.

Dr. Jose Moreno was born in Bloomington, Indiana and holds dual citizenship in the United States and Venezuela.

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He commenced his general surgery internship at Indiana University and completed his general surgery residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in /5(). The patient is status post arthrodesis of the left ankle and is newly diabetes and hypertension.

PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: Pre-op blood glucose was noted to be greater than The patient asked for a medicine consult/admission for further evaluation%(4).

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Surgery and t j moreno patient
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