The legacy left by tupac shakur in music and in society

This to should be looked into and studied. It was him attempting to re-appropriate the label that was cast upon our brothers and sisters in an act of defiance against those who would hold us down.

The problem with the legacy that he left is that his style was what became mainstream and not his substance.

No one else will ever grip a mic with the bi-polar ferocity slash sentimentality that Pac did throughout his tenure in rap music. His dexterity was obviously thorough though B. Tupac was only as magical as the sum of his parts, but those parts are in fact present in current rappers today. We probably never will.

While most acknowledge his passing, and some still hold onto the thought that he is alive, all are certain that none shall surpass him. He told the truth, even as he struggled with the fragments of his identity.

Tupac poetry is quoted at grassroots movements, protests, spoken word competitions — it seems his words are everywhere. Sometimes 50 Cent exhibits the growl, but the suit has since diluted it. I know he is well respected by many, but definitely not everybody.

I Still wonder why in the name of God you would make such a stupid thread with such a bizarre allusion. Many can feel the words Pac wrote. Those who fear hip-hop point to Pac and B. As an African born in America, the greatest thing about Tupac was that he spoke about the atrocities that were and are still being carried out here in the U.

Artists like Nas, Big K.

The legacy left by tupac shakur in music and in society

Get to know Tupac the man and then you will understand why many hold him in such deep respect and why others study him to try to understand what they can not see. Tupac was a poet — whose bars reflected the angst of modern society coupled with his own personal demons dating as far back as his childhood.

As Corey Glover sang on "Cult of Personality," when a leader speaks that leader dies. Learn of the man Tupac Amaru Shakur — he is much deeper than hip-hop or rap; and that is why his legacy continues to grow with every passing day.

I know he was a great? People love to use Tupac and The Notorious B. Yes his tracks are poetry set to beats, but his writings are as deep as the man himself. It is also an album, but you only get 25 tracks, but it is good to hear the poems as spoken word.

Whether playfully slapboxing the mic or using it with force to bludgeon a message into the minds of non-believers, Tupac had a balance — as imbalanced as it felt at times.

The aforementioned Yeezy shares this fixation with the dark side, as do Drake and Kid Cudi in certain moments. The guest artists on "The Rose, Vol. As fast as Tupac snapped, though, he bounced right back into a playfully flirty demeanor. In "From Thug Life to Legend: It was a fascination with self-destruction within the context of death i.

Busta Rhymes arguably fits that category, especially now where his stance as a re-invited King of Rap has offered him the privilege of tweaking his Golden Age formula for present-day hip-hop. He ultimately described Shakur as a "prolific artist" who was "driven by a terrible sense of urgency" in a quest to "unify mind, body, and spirit.

Thug life usually results in thug death. The reason is he Tupac was so much like most of us. Tupac as Celebrity Gramscian" in which he argued that Shakur was an example of the "organic intellectual" expressing the concerns of a larger group.

Others will cite them as the inevitable conclusion to when beef hits the street.

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Please check out the poetry written by Tupac and other writings of his.How did Tupac Shakur change/influence the world or society in 3 ways? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Tupac Shakur and his music are an element of Hip Hop that will be a stone in the foundation of African American culture forever.

in terms of carrying on Tupac's legacy? Ask New Question. Still have a question? Ask your own! Ask. Jun 18,  · I'm a huge 2Pac fan myself but this thread is a disgrace to the name and legacy of Tupac Shakur. Keep Tupac out of wrestling conversations. Tupac is a music legend and hip hop icon that has passed.

He is without a doubt the greatest hip hop artists of all time. His impact and his abundance of fans he brought to the genre is incredible. If you're going to make a Tupac comparison with wrestling. Tupac Shakur, was the only rapper who ever lead people even after his death.

Is CM Punk the Tupac Shakur of the WWE?

The legacy that he left in his music lead and inspired people even after he died. His music inspired generations. When the name Tupac Shakur is brought up in hip-hop culture, many think of the iconic rap figure, or maybe the part time actor Tupac (2Pac) or maybe the activist side of the man Tupac.

A side of the legendary hip-hop figure that is sometimes over looked is the poetry that Tupac wrote. Nov 16,  · A short, documentary-type video in memory of Tupac Shakur. Mostly about his death and the Legacy he left behind, but briefly goes into his early life.

Part 2 will come out soon. Tupac was a poet – whose bars reflected the angst of modern society coupled with his own personal demons dating as far back as his childhood. Pac was Harlem born, migrated to the West, and eventually entangled himself in a war with New York City hip-hop that would change his relationship with the East Coast until his untimely demise back in

The legacy left by tupac shakur in music and in society
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