Thesis of non performing loan on micro finance

By analyzing the context of the Czech banking sector for the period 4 Micro and Macro Determinants of Non-performing LoansPodpiera and Weill concluded that inefficiency is positively associated with future increases in non-performing loans.

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The poor people lended in-groups were found to increase diversification in smooth consumption along with smoothing income flows Zeller, The judgment of Stearns shows that when a portfolio grow rapidly on account of an increase in the number of borrowers or an increase in average loan size, or both, using the arrears rate may understate the risk of default, because the outstanding portfolio or the denominator is growing at a faster rate than the amounts becoming due.

The results indicate long-term relationships between variables and note that the interest rate has a significant positive long-term impact on bad loans. The justification provided in the empirical literature of this association is that higher positive level of real GDP growth habitually entails a higher level of income.

Their model implies that the cumulative effect of macroeconomic shocks over a period of three years is indeed important.

Fofack argues that Thesis of non performing loan on micro finance growth and the real interest rate are important determinants of bad loans in the sub-saharan African countries. For the purpose, theoretical and practical review on the microcredit and the performance analysis become indispensable.

We could for example use other macroeconomic variables such as real exchange rate, inflation and other variables specific to the bank the size or liquidity.

To match the income flows and repayment capacity of borrowers in better way, loan size and repayments could be made more flexible. Only the information collected in discretionary manner could give appropriate basis for analyzing the performances Brown et.

Schmidt and Zeitinger considered the microfinance approach as a better measure of reducing poverty and developing microenterprises through NGOs, the most preferred intermediaries as good providers of socially oriented financial services.

Furthermore, it was found that the provisions of banks increase with the non-performing loans. In a study of the "Association for the Development of Microenterprises ADEMI ", a non-profit organization, Benjamin and Ledgerwood reveals that it earned a remarkable surplus on its equity, which ranged from 30 to 45 percent, compared to around 25 percent for commercial banks in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to macroeconomic variables, there are several empirical studies suggest that factors specific to the bank such as size, efficiency, credit terms market power and the risk profile are important determinants of NPL, because they can cause risky loans.

In this study, the results are similar to those obtained by Louzis et al. Such an analysis by ignoring gender relations ignores the opportunity cost for women of additional work in income generating activities alongside the necessity to maintain other domestic and productive work".

Even in the state of capital adequacy, low quality of management and supervision and lack of business environment lead to accumulate non-performing loans, and at the same time is allowed to go bankrupt UN, In this case, the dynamics of the two variables growth rate of GDP and the unemployment rate is closely related to households, companies and the ability to meet their financial obligations.

With the experience of Bolivia, Rock mentions that the NGOs dealing on microfinance could be developed into a banking system, although from the profit motive the NGOs and the banks differ in nature. After the application of the method of panel data, we found the problem loans vary negatively with the growth rate of GDP, the profitability of banks assets and positively with the unemployment rate, the loan loss reserves to total loans and the real interest rate.

In their observation the microcredit projects in United States was found much expensive due to excessive overhead costs, lack of small business management skills, higher salaries, high loan losses in some US programs and the double administrative costs to the value of entire portfolio.

ECB Working Paper, n Top The perspectives of microfinance on poverty alleviation came into scene after Robinson that addressed some key questions on finance and poverty. This implies that the effect of interest rates should be positive, and therefore, there is an increase in the debt caused by the increase in payments of interest rates and hence the rise of non-performing loans Bofondi and Ropele, On account of a high level transaction costs incurred in lending to the poor, formal lending agencies often leave the poor unbanked.

The procedure of assessing the performance is to collect appropriate information, to recast the data, to compare projected financial parameters with actual, to establish the possible causes of variance and to recommend appropriate measures for their effectiveness Patel, What explains household non performing loans?

The NPL on mortgages are less sensitive to macroeconomic conditions. They also found an association between non-performing loans and bank-specific variables such as the ratio of total equity assets weighted by risk. New York Stock Exchange Determinant of dividend payout ratio: The effectiveness of the program could be recognized on the basis of its performance analysis.

The producer prices seem to have a negative impact on bad loans. Ledgerwood presented the performance indicators into the areas of; i portfolio quality; ii productivity and efficiency; iii financial viability; iv profitability; v leverage and capital adequacy and; vi scale, outreach and growth.

Several studies examined bank failures and find that asset quality is an indicator of insolvency Demirguc-Kunt, ; Barr and Siems, According to this author, the NPL have a central role in the relationship between credit market frictions and macro-financial vulnerability.

It is equally important to have the source of finance for operating business enterprise. In one of the empirical evidences based on the performance study of microfinance project, Dungganon in Philippines, Ledgerwood found that the portfolio quality was too poor and the implementation followed highly effective delinquent management technique.

Finally, the conclusion will be the fifth section. The provision is determined by reference to the historical experience of the institution in the field. Finally, the results show that the change in lending by banks does not affect the level of nonperforming loans contrary to the results found by Khemraj and Pasha and Dash and Kabra Current efforts to mainstream microfinance operations in the non-financial sector of the country, while acknowledging the failure of state-owned credit institutions, should also take into account, among others, the programmatic success of several intermediary developmental institutions like the small savings and credit groups that have proved not only profitable but an effective poverty alleviation measure" P.

The prominence of improving access of landless farmers, small producers and other low-income individuals, especially women and vulnerable groups to the credit was underlined in the Copenhagen summit.Causes and Control of Loan Default/Delinquency in Microfinance Institutions in Ghana Alex Addae-Korankye Central University College BOX DSDansoman Keywords: Microfinance Institutions, Loan Default, Loan Delinquency, Default rate, Micro, Small, and prolonged economic stagnation is the non-performing or bad loan problem.

They. The literature review comprises the theories and practices of microfinance, theoretical and practical approach to the performance analysis and the indicators, empirical evidences on non-performing, performing and recovery of loan and relevant studies in Pokhara.

The Thesis And Statement Of The Problem Finance Essay. Print Reference Ratio analysis will make known the trend of relationship between loan loss provision with different factors such as non-performing assets and normal loans pass due loans, and stop increased debts, credits and contingent liabilities.

The policy to authorize non. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol. 3 No. 3; March 80 Factors Influencing Loan Repayment Default in Micro-Finance Institutions: The Experience of Imenti North District, Kenya.

Micro and Macro Determinants of Non-performing Loans

Mar 13,  · Impact of privatization on non-performing loans of banks in (country name) Comparison of micro finance institutions, micro-finance banks and micro finance institutions and development of entrepreneurial skills finance thesis topics, finance thesis topics list, list of thesis topics in finance, research topic list of finance, Thesis.

Determinants of Non Performing Loans The case of Ethiopian Banks A RESEARCH REPORT (IMF, ), a non- performing loan is any loan in which interest and principal payments are more than 90 days overdue; or more than In the case of Ethiopia, banks, insurance companies and micro-finance institutions are the major financial institutions.

Thesis of non performing loan on micro finance
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